ok.  soooooo. ....Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I am in the process of decorating my house.  so far it is looking fantastic!  i can't believe i actually found the time and energy to do the inside and outside:)  i am going to a huge masquarade party this year and any costume ideas would be greatly appreciated.  my creativity is waning today. 
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 i did it!!!!!!i finally figured out how to retrieve user pics that people have given or made for me:) trust me this a huge accomplishment for someone as technologically challenged as i am

very quiet day

 sooo.........my evil devil son was actually very well behaved today.  i think he's coming down with something:)  he didn't throw anything, OR try to make potions..  nice quiet evening. * hums wirh contentment*
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deliver me from evil!

 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  my kids will not stop fighting!  there is no school today.  it's 9:15 on the morning and i already feel like i'm losing my mind!

i hope the girls at TPP have some good wine and cocktails tonight!  it's goingto be a long day


O MY F***ING GOD!!!!!i am so absolutely tired of picking up children's toys all day long.  i know it should be excusable because he is only three, but stil.......  

sorry i just had to rant at whoever was paying attention  


almost friday......

 well.....i've almost made it through another week.  it will be a quiet weekend here.my chidren are going away, and i can take some much needed downtime.  it should be lovely:)


 i'm really new to this journal online thing.  i usually use a booklike journal.  i'm hoping to connect with some of the ladies i chat with on TPP.
if any of you happen to stumble across this entry, i'd be delighted with any pointers that you could send my way:).  i'ts been a crazy day. hope everyone is well today!