Ugh!  As i move things around to pack them or get rid of them, i am finding dustbunnies o'plenty.  tons of them.  Now i feel like i can't get anything clean enough.  I have been scrubbing all day.  And i still feel like it is horrible.

I think  my obsessive compulsive tendencies are rearing their ugly heads again:(  It hasn't happened in a long while, but as things get more unorganised and chaotic it is difficult to completely suppress them.

One step at a time, right?
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Taking a break from The Move

Today was a beautiful, sunny day.  We took a break from house stuff to enjoy the sunshine and the pool.  It was lovely spending the day next to the pool and playing with Conor. 

Welcome Summer!!!!!!
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I'm certain these entries are going to get tedious.  But, they are helping me sort things out.  

My youngest son was helping me look for houses (in Bournemouth), and he says "mum, will I ever see Grandma again?  and what about my friends and school ?  he was full of questions.  I answered honestly and to the best of my abilities.  Then we made cookies.
It's hard to explain to a 7 year old about time differences, and how far away it actually is.  but i am trying.
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The Move(continued)

When you are moving a family of this size, how does one decide what is worthy of taking and what gets thrown out?  I mean, what might be junk to me, might not be junk to one of my children.  I don't feel right about just going through their things and tossing stuff out.  On the other hand, I'm  afraid to let them be part of the process.  What if they want to keep EVERYTHING?  To keep shipping costs down, we are only taking certain things.  I'm sort of overwhelmed and not sure where to start.  I've gone through some of the  rooms and got rid stuff that was obviously not worth keeping(broken toys, too small clothes, etc.)  I guess that is as good a place as any to start :P
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Sooooo...G catalogued all the books and blu rays.  I didn't realise how many we had(thousands)  now all the books are laying on the bookshelves instead of standing and they are EVERYWHERE.  I feel like I'm at Spinner's End;)
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The Move

So- we are planning a move in 2013.  A huge move, across an ocean, in fact.  I'm trying to journal my way through this process.  I will try to post something everyday.  Any input, ideas, encouragement:)  would be greatly appreciated!

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REALLY? It's been 2 years since i posted anything!  I really need to try and keep up with these things.  Anyway, things are good, the family is well, and things are coming along nicely.
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 Just wanted to sa THANK YOU for all the lovely birthday wishes from everyone..   all in all, a most excellent birthday:)

baking? me?

 yes my friends! i's true!  i baked my very first cupcakes from SCRATCH!  they were delicious!  i also baked a ton of homemade chocolate chip cookies. mmmm mmmm mmmmm
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